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What is Follow My Lead?

Follow My Lead is a trusted Soft Skills training partner focusing on equipping today's professionals with effective public speaking and communication skills.Our personalized, scenario based approach will enhance your ability to communicate clearly, confidently and convincingly.

Meet the Lead Coach & Trainer

Winston Owino


Rozy Rana, Managing Director at Dormans Coffee Limited:
"Winston cares deeply for the growth of others skills and patiently offers to mentor those in need. These attributes are just some of the factors that demonstrate Winston’s competencies. If you are looking for a trainer or a coach in fields of communication or personal development, I highly recommend Winston Owino."
Joyce Kaduki, Leadership Coach & President's Advisory Council Member at The John Maxwell Team:
"I was particularly struck by his patient, deliberate, and thoughtful approach. He gave attention to details, ensuring that I did not leave anything to chance. He was also encouraging, and turned out to be an invaluable resource in the process. I highly recommend him for mentoring and coaching roles."
Moses Waihura, Policy, Program Support & Partnerships Officer at National Social Protection Secretariat:
"Winston saw the potential I had to communicate my message with composure and clarity when I was new to public speaking. He has the unique ability of identifying what exactly needs to be improved and the patience of walking with his mentees a step at a time until the new skill is honed. Through his mentorship, my improved public speaking skills have had positive ripple effects on all areas of my life."

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